Thursday, October 24, 2013

Introducing me!!

       Hey, they call me valeria
 Where to start? I'm just a normal girl going to a normal school looking for a place to fit in and be accepted.
I'm just your usual smart,quiet,slightly nerdy kind of girl that wants to be successful and make a difference in this weird jungle like universe. 
People think that they know me but in reality it's complete vice versa.A little excerpt of my life: I love to read, i sing to escape all of my thoughts. I enjoy watching chick-flicks.My crushes change every day of the week.My mood changes like the season every second of the day. I love helping others when they're down. I can't stand looking at a bitch. People underestimate my niceness for weakness(like i'm really thinking about ways to hurt them by making it look like an accident).If a bitch come up to my face and i feel their breath on my face i'll pounce. sometimes i just want to hide my heart behind a barrier of wall to avoid it getting hurt any more. But sometimes i just like sitting there being happy smiling, and laughing my head off and people's like" what's so funny" and i'm just thinking life is, life is funny. It makes you think nothing good is going to turn out but,in a few years if we're patient enough it's even better than we asked for. So enjoy life to it's fullest and be different!

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  1. The crush thing is so accurate. They are so many boys you've liked one day and hated the next. Me too! TWINS!