Monday, December 9, 2013


       When we think of the word BEAUTIFUL you look back upon that girl in your class, or flowers. But we never acknowledge the beauty of BEAUTIFUL.
       Many times when people think of BEAUTIFUL they think of "Oh how adorable"!BEAUTIFUL can be a beaute but then again it can be evil.The prettiest girl can be the naughtiest, like the devil in disguise, or a flower's thorn can be prickly or the pollen can be allergen and make you break out in hives.
      BEAUTIFUL can be mysterious like a painting at a museum with connotation of meanings.A lot of hidden meanings in a poem. A lot of hidden paths in life. A lot of hidden thoughts in a relationship.

             BEAUTIFUL a different ugly kind of BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I could stare at you all day!

    I did it! I mustered up the courage! My love fairy godmother would be so proud of me!
Okay, so it went like this: He's brother came up talking to me,and he was talking about some community service he had to do for his school and such.And then he told me he was about to go get his little brother (MJ,the one i like). He went and got him and we was all talking and stuff and me and his brother was pretending to fight such and such and i punched his brother, and he said i was fiesty "RUFF"! i quote. And i just started laughing and cheesing hard i was bright! And then me and him started play fighting(flirting)! But at the end he was teasing me talking about i'm bullying him, so i was like i want to be friend and i gave him a hug but he didn't hug me back! i started to pout and he was like no! i don't want to be your friend! So it was all fun and game and church ended! But at the end he walked into the adjoined room connected to the nursery room and turned off the light ready to leave! But he turned around and said i still want my hug though! "What"? i said. i want my hug. So i walked into the dark room and hugged for a full 10 second! after we finished hugging he said "You're still not my friend". I shouted back with a "whatever"! and left to find my baby brother who had wandered around somewhere! When me and my family was getting into the car to drive home he told my sister that i was bullying him, and my sister was thinking about something along the line of" maybe she likes you"!
  I just came home with a smile on my face and feeling giddy and nothing can ruin my mood! Ican't wait for my Ipod, i want to be able to communicate with him more like texting him!!
                                UGH!! i am in LIKE!!