Sunday, November 24, 2013

Always at my back: And always will be!!

              Some people may see me as a threat. reason why is because they haven't got to know me well. they just looked at me and base their judgment on how i look. I got a few haters but i won't point fingers or name any they know who they are! I got them at school, CHURCH! believe it or not, even if i'm just walking somewhere. A bitch just don't stop.  Haters are all gonna hate but they can wait in line with all the other bitches waiting till i give a two fuck!(sorry for my use of profanity!) I've watched movies read books seen it in real life listen to songs about it but never actually thought one of them, would actually give me a stink face right there so i can see it with my own two eyes (guess a bitch ain't frontin). I hate when people get the negative side out of me! I mean all i did was give a nice sweet smile your way why get all rachet on me pretend like you've never seen someone that doesn't look like your kind(bunch of hillbillies on crack) (no offense to hillbillies). I so can't wait till i grow up into a successful psychologist and watch all these female dogs wash my future Benz while i sip a smoothie and laugh at all those memories of them making fun or blaspheme me or other shit that was unpleasant. Enough of my rant. I want all of them to look at this face and see if they see ugliness, a threat, rachetness, failure, or downright hatred for others. But otherwise they'll see my double personality.