Monday, December 9, 2013


       When we think of the word BEAUTIFUL you look back upon that girl in your class, or flowers. But we never acknowledge the beauty of BEAUTIFUL.
       Many times when people think of BEAUTIFUL they think of "Oh how adorable"!BEAUTIFUL can be a beaute but then again it can be evil.The prettiest girl can be the naughtiest, like the devil in disguise, or a flower's thorn can be prickly or the pollen can be allergen and make you break out in hives.
      BEAUTIFUL can be mysterious like a painting at a museum with connotation of meanings.A lot of hidden meanings in a poem. A lot of hidden paths in life. A lot of hidden thoughts in a relationship.

             BEAUTIFUL a different ugly kind of BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I could stare at you all day!

    I did it! I mustered up the courage! My love fairy godmother would be so proud of me!
Okay, so it went like this: He's brother came up talking to me,and he was talking about some community service he had to do for his school and such.And then he told me he was about to go get his little brother (MJ,the one i like). He went and got him and we was all talking and stuff and me and his brother was pretending to fight such and such and i punched his brother, and he said i was fiesty "RUFF"! i quote. And i just started laughing and cheesing hard i was bright! And then me and him started play fighting(flirting)! But at the end he was teasing me talking about i'm bullying him, so i was like i want to be friend and i gave him a hug but he didn't hug me back! i started to pout and he was like no! i don't want to be your friend! So it was all fun and game and church ended! But at the end he walked into the adjoined room connected to the nursery room and turned off the light ready to leave! But he turned around and said i still want my hug though! "What"? i said. i want my hug. So i walked into the dark room and hugged for a full 10 second! after we finished hugging he said "You're still not my friend". I shouted back with a "whatever"! and left to find my baby brother who had wandered around somewhere! When me and my family was getting into the car to drive home he told my sister that i was bullying him, and my sister was thinking about something along the line of" maybe she likes you"!
  I just came home with a smile on my face and feeling giddy and nothing can ruin my mood! Ican't wait for my Ipod, i want to be able to communicate with him more like texting him!!
                                UGH!! i am in LIKE!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Always at my back: And always will be!!

              Some people may see me as a threat. reason why is because they haven't got to know me well. they just looked at me and base their judgment on how i look. I got a few haters but i won't point fingers or name any they know who they are! I got them at school, CHURCH! believe it or not, even if i'm just walking somewhere. A bitch just don't stop.  Haters are all gonna hate but they can wait in line with all the other bitches waiting till i give a two fuck!(sorry for my use of profanity!) I've watched movies read books seen it in real life listen to songs about it but never actually thought one of them, would actually give me a stink face right there so i can see it with my own two eyes (guess a bitch ain't frontin). I hate when people get the negative side out of me! I mean all i did was give a nice sweet smile your way why get all rachet on me pretend like you've never seen someone that doesn't look like your kind(bunch of hillbillies on crack) (no offense to hillbillies). I so can't wait till i grow up into a successful psychologist and watch all these female dogs wash my future Benz while i sip a smoothie and laugh at all those memories of them making fun or blaspheme me or other shit that was unpleasant. Enough of my rant. I want all of them to look at this face and see if they see ugliness, a threat, rachetness, failure, or downright hatred for others. But otherwise they'll see my double personality.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The ones that makes you want to live!

       There's people in life that you can really trust and there's those you just want to keep far away from your circle of friends. I would like to thank my dearest sister she-she my little hero helping me through times and being my partner in crime. Best of friends schema, thanks for being there and making me laugh at the stupidest of stuff.Other thanks to delaincey for always putting me in the mood when I'm down always making me laugh.Schimelda for being my artistic friend and being your usual self by letting me copy off your work in class. samantha for making me smile by being your usual retarded smart self everyday. Anne marie for being your weird dark self every single day my little sweater-wearing-puffy-haired girl. And other people i associate with even though we're not that close to share secrets and have nicknames for our crush. they know what i'm talking about! lol!
   Thanks polyvore for letting me express my fashion style without the need of money. And watttpad for letting me read stories i wish were my life. Also to mp3 skull and google for being there to play songs to match my mood.
My big jackets,and my loving sweater for always matching my mood for the day.
 Also thanks to the invention of electronic for being made to search up stuff.
Thanks to all my haters for always being at my back and motivating me. As the quote "say let your haters be your motivator". Oh almost forgot thanks to the kids at my school for showing me how not to act like a bunch of hooligans on crack. Ha-ha.
 BIGGEST Thanks to my GOD for making me and helping me through rough patches in my so called life of mine.Thank lord almighty.Thanks to me for not giving up and not breaking down at unnecessary stuff in life.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Introducing me!!

       Hey, they call me valeria
 Where to start? I'm just a normal girl going to a normal school looking for a place to fit in and be accepted.
I'm just your usual smart,quiet,slightly nerdy kind of girl that wants to be successful and make a difference in this weird jungle like universe. 
People think that they know me but in reality it's complete vice versa.A little excerpt of my life: I love to read, i sing to escape all of my thoughts. I enjoy watching chick-flicks.My crushes change every day of the week.My mood changes like the season every second of the day. I love helping others when they're down. I can't stand looking at a bitch. People underestimate my niceness for weakness(like i'm really thinking about ways to hurt them by making it look like an accident).If a bitch come up to my face and i feel their breath on my face i'll pounce. sometimes i just want to hide my heart behind a barrier of wall to avoid it getting hurt any more. But sometimes i just like sitting there being happy smiling, and laughing my head off and people's like" what's so funny" and i'm just thinking life is, life is funny. It makes you think nothing good is going to turn out but,in a few years if we're patient enough it's even better than we asked for. So enjoy life to it's fullest and be different!